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The Fugue
The Fugue
The Fugue
The Fugue

The Fugue


Zebra Wood is characterized by its yellow, golden heartwood with dark brown striped figures reminiscent of the majestic zebra. Wood textures range from medium to coarse with a slight shine. They often have an interlocked or wavy grain pattern. It is a large tree native to central America and its name is used to describe several tree species and the wood derived from them. These trees grow an average height of 150ft with a trunk diameter of 4-5 ft. 

Common metal files are not designed specifically for guitarists and take a long time to wear to a desired grit, sometimes up to six months. Our precision sapphire metal files offer the best filing experience as a result of our dual sided surfaces allowing fine attention to detail on one side and heavy work on the other.   

File dimensions:

Length: 4 ¾"

Width: ⅜"

Thickness: 1mm 

Handle Dimensions:

Length: 1 ¾"

Thickness: 9/32" 

Weight: .28oz

Janka Hardness: 1,575 lbf (7,010 N)