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The Virtuoso
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The Virtuoso
The Virtuoso

The Virtuoso


Caribbean Rosewood  also known as Chechen, comes from Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize and some parts of Mexico. Known for its vibrant color schemes of orange, red and brown it’s one of the most beautiful rosewoods. It has been used as the back and sides of both classical and steel string guitars. 

Common metal files are not designed specifically for guitarists and take a long time to wear to a desired grit, sometimes up to six months. Our precision sapphire metal files offer the best filing experience as a result of our dual sided surfaces allowing fine attention to detail on one side and heavy work on the other.   

File dimensions:

Length: 4 ¾"

Width: ⅜"

Thickness: 1mm 

Handle Dimensions:

Length: 1 ¾"

Thickness: 9/32" 

Weight: .28oz 

Janka hardness: 2,250 lbf (10,010 N)