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Our Fileosophy

                 We are a boutique accessory nail file company that makes the most precise performance nail files in the world for serious classical and fingerstyle guitarists.

                 It all started when I was in Granada, Spain, the birthplace of the classical guitar where I realized that a nail file could also be an instrument. My goal was to create a line of nail files that could rival the construction of the great luthiers of the Spanish guitar, and I did. 

                 The SoundFile® is the first nail file line for classical guitarists that feels like an instrument. Most nail files use lightweight cheap plastic for their handles. In contrast, our exotic wood handles are weighted like a fine quality razor handle providing stability and control with each stroke.

                Just as no two performances are ever the same, no two exotic tone wood handles are the same.  The elegant tone woods are matched only by the precision nano glass or sapphire metal files to achieve achieve peak performance. Tone production is much more complex than just the right filing angle, it is also determined by how often and what you use to file them. 

                If you’re looking for any nail file, you can go to any local drugstore, but if you're looking for an exceptional experience, The SoundFile® delivers on that promise. Just as serious guitarists have more than one instrument, our musicians enjoy their multiple SoundFile collection. 

               Whether you choose our Nano-Glass Series or our Sapphire Metal Series, you will discover why master guitarists say “feel the difference.”

Max Brenner / Founder