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Our Fileosophy


                 If you want to play like the masters, you must use the tools of the masters. The SoundFile® is a boutique nail care company that offers the most precise performance nail files for classical and finger-style guitarists. We use select exotic tone wood handles that are perfectly balanced like an instrument. Our elegant collection offers the precision of Nano-glass files, Sapphire metal files, and the perfect finishing SoundPapers® to achieve superior peak performance. 

                Nail care is much more complex than just the right filing angle, it's the shape of your nails, more than their length, that will make or break your sound. If you’re looking for any nail file, you can go to any local drugstore, but if you're looking for an exceptional nail filing experience, great sound deserves a great file.

              It all started when founder and classical guitarist, Max Brenner was in Granada, Spain, the birthplace of the classical guitar where he realized that a nail file should feel  as refined and balanced as the guitar. His goal was to create a line of precision nail files that could rival the great luthiers of the Spanish guitar, and he did. Just as no two performances are ever the same, no two exotic tone wood handles are the same. 

           Whether you choose our Nano-Glass file, Sapphire Metal file, or our pocket-sized SoundPapers®, we've unlocked the secrets behind The Shape of Sound™. 

Max Brenner / Founder